Who We Are

Building mart was established in 2012, laying its foundation in India. We started off with the sole purpose of providing materials to the Indian customers of international quality and standards at an affordable price. Materials of such quality were available however; the scarcity of different designs and price made this an uncommon oddity.

With the infusion of Building mart into the construction industry, we have rejuvenated the concept of quality. Quality can now be sort after without the worry of emptying your pockets and sacrificing on quality as our prices remain affordable and competitive. We not only provide you with quality imported materials that are much needed in the Indian market but also give you materials from our qualified and quality concise suppliers in India. As such we can assure our clients that any service we provide is unparalleled to others, thus making us your one stop destination for anything related to building materials.

Our Vision

With our booming success of Building Mart in India we were able to branch out into Singapore, realising our long term vision of being established regionally and soon after globally. With a committed pool of ever growing staff whom take pride and professionalism in their everyday work, we are able to cater to the needs of each and every individual. Our team of dedicated individuals work around the clock to provide you with service of excellence and in-depth knowledge of the subject matter.

Quality, service and cost are the key foundation pillars of Building Mart. These values intertwine to provide our clients with a professional experience like none other and has resulted in establishing a name that many have come to recognise in the construction industry.

  • Our price is on par with all the local competitors and we go an extra step to get you quality materials from countries abroad, thus providing you with quality desired by the masses and of the highest standards
  • Our aim is to bring in more quality and technically sound materials from countries such as America, Europe, Japan, Singapore into India.
  • Satisfy the thirst of the affluent Indian customer who are always in search of new and quality material for various projects such as homes, malls etc.
  • To raise the standards of the Indian customer by exposing him to the building scene of well-establish countries. Thus, giving him the knowledge and understand required to demand that of manufacturers, which in turn will eventually lead to a solid brand awareness for “MADE IN INDIA “ products
  • Allow Building Mart to be Franchised and have Building Mart established is all major cities in India with the help of our franchises
  • Become a major player in ‘Building Materials’ field in India with the ever growing Indian middle class as our backbone, also providing more high quality and standard jobs for our youths in India. Giving more employment opportunities through our growing business is our main mission which will contribute to our Indian economy.
  • To creating a brand awareness for Building Mart so that even after 100 years people must say “You should go to building mart, the materials are of premium quality and they will definitely last longer“.